Dominos launches the PizzaMobile

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OK, so it’s not actually called the PizzaMobile, but still.

Dominos have launched the DXP (that’s short for Delivery ExPert) delivery car – that has it’s own oven in to cook your takeaway en route to you! It’s mission is to cut down on delivery times and help ensure your pizza is still piping hot when you receive it.

The modified Chevy has an outward-facing pizza oven, napkin holders, compartments for condiments and an ‘out for delivery’ light. There’s room for a whopping 80 pizzas in the back (that’s one hell of a pizza party!),

The cars are out now on roads across the United States, with initially 97 vehicles being rolled out. We’re definitely hopeful they make it to the UK soon!

Photo credit: YouTube/WXYZ-TV

Author Lex Barber


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