Quiz: How well do you know European driving laws?

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If you’re driving out of the UK and into Europe, how much do you check out on the road laws before you leave?

Lots of us will give our insurance company a quick call to check that we’re covered, but then fill up and drive off. GoCompare carried out a survey that showed just that – that only half of British drivers will check the local rules and regulations of the road before setting out.

And if that isn’t enough? 74% of us don’t arrange any additional breakdown cover, 51% of us think our insurance is already comprehensive enough (but haven’t checked it) and 1 in 10 people surveyed believed that road laws are the same in every European country. The latter is definitely not true.

Check out GoCompare’s interactive European travel map to check your trip before you drive.

Complete our quiz below to see how well you know European driving laws – and let us know how you get on!

In which of the following countries is it illegal to use your main beam lights?

One of the following countries sometimes lowers speeds limits when it's raining. Which one?

Several countries frown upon you using your horn unless there's an emergency. But which country won't allow you to use it near hospitals?

Where has outlawed eating and drinking at the wheel?

Where is it illegal to pick up hitch-hikers?

Which capital city restricts traffic when dust levels hit a certain level?

Which country's police force can issue on-the-spot motoring fines, but can't take payment for them?

Drink driving is illegal everywhere in Europe; but which country will automatically imprison you for refusing to take a breathalyser test?

The police in which country won't move your car if it's illegally parked... but they will confiscate your number plate?

One country won't allow you to drive at all if you've been banned from driving in any other EU or EEA state. Which one?

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Author Lex Barber


3 responses to “Quiz: How well do you know European driving laws?

  1. 5 is pretty good Sarah! That’s better than lots of us at Liftshare HQ did U0001f609

  2. Doubtless soon the EU Commission will be insisting that we conform to the practice of the other EU countries, and drive on the left.

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