QUIZ: Do you know what these road signs from around the world mean?

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Travelling around the world can at times be quite a culture shock, but there’s always reminders of home. Traffic and road signs are often based on one or two standardised systems, so often if you’re somewhere totally new, you can still drive around just fine.

But how well do you know international road signs? Try these ones out for size…!

Give it a go now!


You can spot this sign in the Czech Republic. But what does it mean?


This red and yellow number can be found in Greece. What is it indicating?


Not dissimilar from British speed limit signs, what is this Argentinian sign warning of?


Unless you can read Japanese, this could be a tricky one...


This unusual sign is from Thailand. What on earth is that a picture of?


Signs like this can be found in a few European countries, including Estonia and Ukraine.


What does AV stand for in this traffic sign from South Africa?


Another entry from Greece... what's going on here?


A road sign from Down Under... who's this critter?


This sign from NZ looks like it'd hurt - what's it warning against?



If you did well at this quiz, sounds like you’re a master driver. Why not offer out your spare seats to showcase your skills and help out others?

Author Lex Barber


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