Review: Peter Kay’s BBC comedy Car Share

Peter Kay's Car Share; credit: BBC
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It’s laugh-out-loud funny, as you’d expect it to be. But Peter Kay’s new series also nails what car-sharing is all about.

From initial small talk, through deep conversations and the odd misunderstanding, to car games, radio sing-alongs and updates on dating disasters, we see awkward unfamiliarity blossom into a wonderful and life-enhancing friendship on the road.

John (Kay) and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) work at an out-of-town supermarket in the north-west, which asks their staff to share lifts and says, “apparently it’s good for the environment and there’s not enough car park spaces at work”. To a soundtrack provided by the fabulously cheesy “Forever FM”, the two colleagues live out their daily commute – revealing what music they’d like played at their funerals, debating the existence of dinosaurs, and fantasising about starring in 1980s pop videos.

A nosy neighbour, a fish-counter colleague, and a trolley collector who’d be more at home on a “Diet Coke Break” advert provide some of the excellent extras, but mostly it is simply about John, Kayleigh and their car-sharing experiences. And it’s addictive viewing.

If you’re car-sharing already yourself, you’ll recognise John and Kayleigh’s adventures with a wry smile. If you’re not sharing yet, the programme will probably make you want to! You can find other people travelling your way (for one-offs or the daily commute) on Or ask your employer to offer a staff Liftshare scheme too. You’ll never want to travel on your own again.

Car Share is available on iPlayer from 1-5 April, before being broadcast on BBC1 later in April.

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2 responses to “Review: Peter Kay’s BBC comedy Car Share

  1. Went to see Car Share in Blackpool. Even funnier than Phoenix nights. Laughing from the start. Still laughing five days later.

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