Swinging from the Chevrolet… Sia joins James Corden for more carpool karaoke!

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Panic-induced James Corden was set to be late for work, until he bumped into his good friend Australian singer-songwriter Sia and carpooled in the priority sharing lanes all the way to Late Late Show HQ!

This is the first carpool karaoke with an almost-anonymous celeb, as Sia remains in her large wig throughout. It’s also the first of the series to touch on some serious issues including Sia’s previous alcohol and drug problems.

A frank, but still fun, liftshare session, you can catch some of her greatest hits including Chandelier, Elastic Heart, Titanium and Alive… and some dance moves to match. Watch below:

So another A-Lister down for James in his quest to carshare to the office. Who do you think will be next?

Photo credit: The Late Late Show, YouTube

Author Lex Barber


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