Bike sharing to launch in Cambridge this March 🚲

Cambridge bicycles
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Chinese company ofo is launching in the UK’s bike capital Cambridge, bringing cycle sharing to the city.

Coined ‘the Uber for bikes’, ofo allows users to hail bikes in the same way they would a taxi. Through a mobile app you locate the nearest one to you, and then ride it and leave it at your destination, ready for others to pick up and use. Each single journey will cost less than £1.

The service, which has gained popularity since expanding across China from Beijing, is an on-demand bike hire service that requires no ongoing commitment and no need to own a bike. The open drop-off and pick-up points mean that it also negates the stress of full cycle parks; which can be a pain-point for those using London’s Santander Cycles.

A spokesman for the company said of the Cambridge launch: “The ofo bike-sharing scheme in Cambridge is under preparation. The first batch of bicycles, which are customised for British people, is on the sea, and will arrive at Cambridge in March. We are going to bring our successful experience from China to Cambridge. With the ofo app users can simply hire a bicycle anytime and anywhere on demand.”

Would you give cycle sharing a go if in Cambridge? Are there other forms of transport you’d be interested to share? Let us know in the comments below!

Author Lex Barber


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