Meet Ford’s new car… which can detect potholes!

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It’s more than a minor annoyance for anyone driving a car; and as we reported previously, there’s a pothole in every 8 miles of road in the UK! But Ford think they have the answer, and have released details of their new Fusion V6 – which can detect and then adapt to potholes.

The car was actually unveiled back in January at a motorshow in the US, and Ford promised “that can detect potholes and automatically adjust the shocks to minimize impact”, but didn’t give any more info. And now, they’ve released full specs.

Its ‘adaptive dampers’ read road conditions every two milliseconds, and then when it detects the edge of a pothole, it stiffens the wheel’s damper. This effectively means the car skips over the hole, minimising any impact. Check out the demo video below!

 Is this the future of cars – or will there be a solution to solve potholes first? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Author Lex Barber


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