Top 4 reasons to lift-share!

Reasons to lift share
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Time – Car-sharing reduces congestion on the roads, so you spend less time in traffic. Not only that, some cities have car-share lanes, so you can skip through congestion.

Fuel – Running one car instead of two or more saves petrol. A typical commuter saves about £1,000 each year!


Carbon emissions – Fewer cars means less fuel burned, so lower C02 emissions.

Driving stress – Company for conversation and an extra pair of eyes, means many people find car-sharing reduces stress behind the wheel and road rage.


A better work/life balance – You have to leave work at an agreed time.

Parking space – Some companies provide designated sharing spaces for those car-sharing. And, even if there are no designated spaces, encouraging car-sharing within your workplace reduces the demand for parking spaces; making parking easier.


Costs – Fuel, tolls and parking costs can be, at the very least, halved by car-sharing.

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