Liftshare Week is coming – are you ready?

Happy liftshare savers
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So who’s excited?! I know we are! As we hit the one week countdown, here’s a little checklist to see if you’re ready to make the most of Liftshare Week.
This year’s campaign is a clever spin on petrol station advertising and it’s sure to get everyone fired up and gassing! – Sorry, we couldn’t resist!


If you saw a petrol station advertising fuel for 69p a litre, you’d stop and buy some, wouldn’t you?

Well if you’re currently driving alone on your commute to work, you can indeed halve your fuel costs.

Liftshare Week (7-11 October) is all about giving car-sharing a try, to discover its financial, social and environmental benefits.

And here’s a simple and quick checklist of just a few things you can do to get involved…

  • Just join for free at and find someone else going your way
  • Tell your friends / family and colleagues about Liftshare with our Tell a Friend facility or simply put a post/status update out across your social networks
  • Put a car-sticker in your back windscreen! The person in the car behind might well be going your way, but have no idea that they could be sharing with you…
  • If your employer doesn’t already have a car-share scheme, encourage them to do more to promote lift-sharing in the work place – or drop us an email suggesting we get in touch with them

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