Are your employees paying £5000 to get to work?

A recent report from revealed that the average British worker spends £5,000 per year just getting to work and buying work-related items, before they even get through the front door of the office or workplace.

According to, the biggest expense faced by workers is transport to work, which can cost up to £5,000 per year in some cases. It is new starters or those coming off benefits who find it most difficult to cope with these costs, as they don’t have the money behind them to fund these necessary expenses.

Ocado has overcome this problem by encouraging employees to share their journeys to work, offering this as an employee benefit and using its Liftshare scheme as a solution to solve recruitment and retention issues. Ocado promotes the cost saving benefits of car-sharing during their recruitment process and demonstrates to potential employees (some of whom, do not have access to a car) the viability of a possible new role.

Full case study can be read here: Ocado Case Study

If you would like more information about how a Liftshare scheme could help your business – please get in touch email or call 01603 389321 and speak to Kate

Author Jonathan Scutt


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