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So, you’ve read our introduction to what the Liftshare Festival Fringe Project is, and you’d like to enter our brand new Fringe award for green-minded acts and eco-conscious solo performers alike.

Be you a comedian, dancer, poet, singer or filmmaker, there are three ways you can help us raise awareness of greener travel in Edinburgh during the Fringe, and assist us in improving both CO2 levels and air quality across the city for all this August.

We want to keep Edinburgh beautiful, smog-free and less of a hassle to travel around during the Fringe, and with your help, we can get people laughing, smiling, toe-tapping and thinking while they consider their own impact on the environment.

Plus, you can scoop a brand new award for your trouble, as well as promotion for your act on Liftshare’s site and social channels too!

Here are the three ways you can get involved with our project this year:


1: The Car Sketch Video & Festival Fringe Liftshare Award

The Festival Fringe Liftshare Award is all about using the gifts of comedy, theatre and other cultural elements to spread the word of greener transport, the sharing ethos and sustainability.

There’s a prize associated with this one. The best submission, as picked by our committee of special judges will win the inaugural Festival Fringe Liftshare Award cup. We’ll post it to you. It’ll look awesome in your collection and you can say you’re an award-winning Fringe act too.

We want to see little sketches film from inside a car (stay safe! Stationary cars are perfectly fine!) or wherever takes your fancy. The sketch, joke, poem, diatribe, series of quick fire jokes, interview or whatever takes your fancy will be added to Liftshare’s YouTube channel, blogged and tweeted throughout the Fringe season.

See the rules below for the fine print, but in short: the best of these videos will also appear on our Facebook page. The very best is our overall winner. Each blog post will mention you, your act and encourage people to go see your show. It’s essentially an advert for your act and all you need is a smartphone to do the recording.

How to submit your video: Use this Dropbox link or upload the clip to your YouTube channel.


  • The video should be no more than 300 MB in size. We recommend a 3 minute video.
  • The audio has to be audible. The visual must be steady.
  • Family friendly videos only. Our team will determine suitability on a case by case basis.
  • Opens: 21st July, 2015
  • Closes: 21st August, 2015


2: Press and Research

Our goal is to generate some press and publicity around the Festival Fringe Liftshare Project. We want to show that festival performers care about the city and support car sharing. The link below takes you to a short survey which will ask a few questions and collect a few quotes from you.

Filling in the survey means you’re contributing to some research stats about car sharing and the festivals in Edinburgh. We’ll use these for press. We’ll also be able to pick a few to supply as quotes in press releases, emails to journalist and outreach to bloggers. We hope this will result in extra publicity for you while adding to the authenticity of our research.

Additionally, we’ll be producing blog posts from the poll and quotes as themes and trends, or remarkable contributions appear, which we’ll promote with a paid media spend on Facebook. It’s all in the name of helping people save money, help protect the environment and keep Edinburgh clean and with less gridlock.

Survey link: Take part


3: Quips and Jokes

Got a Twitter account? Leave us a 92 character joke. We’ll tweet it back out in the format;

”[your joke]” from @YourTwitter http://www.example.com

The goal here is to mention your Twitter handle and link to your booking details on the Fringe site to hopefully get you more of those coveted ticket sales. We’ll build an additional blog post (or more; depending on how many submissions we get) that embeds these jokes for extra retweeting and inclusion in another outreach project.

Joke link: Share your joke here

Final thoughts

We’re not a huge media empire, but we have a loyal member base and work hard to create a better, fairer world with the sharing economy. We really do hope that all three of the suggestions above are no/low cost options for any act looking to whisk up some extra promotion. It is our honest hope that this represents a fair value exchange.

And of course, if you have any questions about our Fringe activities at all, drop us a line at superheros@liftshare.com – we’re always happy to chat.

Thanks for your time, and best of luck if you take part!

Image 2 Credit: Underbelly Limited

Image 3 Credit: Martie Swart

Image 4 Credit: Robbie Dale

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