Get free priority parking at Download, Latitude and IOW!

“Sun is shining, weather is sweet, makes you wanna move your dancing feet” – The infamous words of Mr. Bob Marley. It’s something that thousands of people are set to do this summer, at festivals like Download, Latitude, and Isle of Wight.

Let’s just hope the weather holds out, and the bands will handle the rest!


Nearly 23,500 TONNES of waste is produced annually at festivals, not to mention the emissions produced from generators keeping the festival live. Added to that is roughly 4 million people travelling to different festivals across the country.

This year you can help the environment by filling your car with festival goers on the way to your festival.

Not only will you meet fellow festival-goers and kick the fun off early, but you’ll also help reduce congestion as you get to site – getting you to the campsite quicker, for that perfect pitch.

As well as that, you’ll help to reduce emissions and save yourself some money too.

festival liftshare

Download and Latitude are offering FREE priority parking to Liftsharers and Isle of Wight will upgrade your parking ticket to give you access to priority parking.

Getting access to free priority parking is simple.

  1. Sign up to Latitude, Download or Isle of Wight Liftshare;
  2. Add your journey and find your match;
  3. Form a Liftshare team;
  4. Download and PRINT your Liftshare team permit.

When you get to the festival site, you’ll be directed to:

The Guest Area car park at Download;
Red Car Park 1 at Latitude;
Red Car Park Gate 1 at IOW.

Visit to find your festival and your Liftshare today!

Author Laura Watling


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