5 easy ways to stay a popular car sharer

Sharing a car journey can cut down on your petrol bill, the emissions your travel produces, and can help you meet some great new people. Once you’ve liftshared once, it’ll no doubt be something you want to do again – but how can you make sure you stay a liftsharer of choice and rack up some positive ratings? Easy. There’s lots you can do with very little effort.

1. Clear, concise, timely messaging

Arranging to car share can be the most stressful part of the experience, especially if anyone involved is a Liftshare ‘first timer’. Make sure you’re clear and concise in your messages so there’s no room for misunderstanding and you’re all on the same page. It’s also advisable to message others back as soon as you are able – they may be relying on your response to make plans.

2. Be on time

It seems a really basic courtesy to mention, but we’re often approached by Liftshare members who worry that others will make them late. If you’ve agreed to meet at a certain time, make sure you’re there and ready to go! If you are delayed for whatever reason, you can phone/text your sharer/s, or message them on the Liftshare Companion App (download it now on the App Store and Google Play).

3. Drivers – Drive a little more carefully than usual

Another really easy way to stay top of the liftsharing game if you’re a driver – stay steady! If you know you can be a bit speedy, or a little quick to temper when on the road, rein it in a little and let chatting to your passenger/s take the stress out of the ride. Having more eyes in the car helps flag up any issues quicker, and being able to talk along the way can relax you.

4. Passengers – Pay promptly

We’ve all been there – handling cash can be awkward around strangers. Be sure to have the right amount of cash on you for the agreed price, and don’t assume drivers will have change; after all, they’re not professionals. It’s up to you if you pay at the beginning or end of the journey, but don’t forget! If it’s a one-off, it could be difficult to get money to the driver afterwards.

If drivers accept it, you can pay online through the Liftshare system. In this case, you pay in advance and payment is transferred to the driver either:

  • when they input a payment code, given to them by the passenger when the lift has happened;
  • automatically, 72 hours after the lift was scheduled to have taken place.

If you’ve remembered it, messaging or texting the code to the driver as soon as you can after the lift is a great way to help them receive payment faster.

5. Leave feedback

Show how much you’ve appreciated your trip by leaving a prompt, honest review and star rating. These are the same are feedback ratings on sites such as eBay, and help other members choose who to share with in future. You can leave feedback easily on the Liftshare site for anyone you’ve communicated with through the system.

So, there you have it. Small, easy ways to make sure you’re a 5 star model liftsharer. Keep up the good behaviour!

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Author Lex Barber


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