44.2% of Liftshare members say car-sharing has made their journey to work less stressful

Liftshare carried out a recent survey* which has shown that those who share their journey to work, found their commute less stressful. With reports showing that one in four adults in the UK will experience a mental health condition in any given year, car-sharing could be a simple solution to start your employees day in a positive way.

Liftshare’s survey results show that 44.2% of members said car-sharing made their journey less stressful. Car-sharing can be very social, it’s a great way for staff to meet new colleagues, network and make new friends. It can be rewarding too, with employees supporting others who perhaps don’t have access to a car or who can’t afford alternative commuter costs.

What’s stopping your business from implementing a car-sharing scheme in to your workplace? Don’t take our word for it, car-sharing has many benefits, why not visit our case studies page and read other sharers stories.



* 2016 survey of 850 Liftshare members

Author Sarah Roberts


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