Diesel users may have to pay charges for their pollution by year’s end

The UK’s top judges have given the UK Government an ultimatum to lower pollution across the country, and as part of this new demand, drivers of diesel cars might be susceptible to higher transport taxes. The move comes in response to the nitrogen oxide particles expended by vehicles fuelled by diesel, and their potential to trigger breathing problems in those exposed.

The Mirror reports that The Supreme Court has given the Government an end of year deadline to improve air quality, and one of its judges Lord Carnwarth warned, “The new Government, whatever its political complexion, should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action to address this issue.”

Speaking with the paper, an AA spokesperson suggested there were signs that new charges for those operating diesel cars could come into affect. They suggested that said fees could be imposed in three ways, starting with the introduction of London’s “Ultra Low Emission Zone” in September 202, which will see drivers of cars that fall below set standards paying £12.50 to enter the city.

The AA spokesman told The Mirror that, “This is quite likely to happen in other cities as well.”

Other possible outcomes might see diesel drivers hit with higher parking charges, above the additional £96 London’s diesel owners already pay for their permits. Lastly, and before last week’s election, the Liberal Democrats suggested extra tax payments for those with diesel cars. Will this carry over into the newly-elected Conservative agenda? Only time will tell.

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