Map: Fresh Tube strikes set to cause disruption to almost every Underground line in London next week

Further industrial action by the RMT union will cause further disruption to the London Underground – with almost every line being affected as 3,000+ workers walk out.

The latest two confirmed strikes will take place from 6pm on Sunday 5th February until 10am the next day, followed by another at 10am on Tuesday 7th February until 1:00 the next day.

Almost every line will experience closures, with the map below detailing disruption. Grey areas are closed.

Map of London Underground disruption caused by strikes 5th-8th February 2017.
Map of London Underground disruption caused by strikes 5th-8th February 2017.

The ongoing row comes is in light of talks between unions and Transport for London over ticket office closures resulting in staff cuts under previous London Mayor, Boris Johnson. Whilst TfL have now agreed to hire some new staff, the unions don’t consider it sufficient.

Talks are still underway, so there’s a chance that the industrial action could still be called off, but it is looking unlikely as the Sunday deadline looms.

Buses and National Rail services are expected to be heavily over-crowded, and Santander Hire Cycles will be in high demand. Liftshare users will be offering their spare seats around the capital as they choose to drive rather than take public transport.

If you’ll be driving, please offer out your spare seats to others, and if you’re looking for an alternative way to get around, request a lift!

If your business will be affected by the strikes, get in touch with the Liftshare Business Team to learn more on setting up a bespoke car sharing scheme for your employees.

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