Is this the world’s first drunk-proof car?

Drunk driving is, lamentably, still a problem in many parts of the world, but a new safeguard called The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) is currently being tested to take smart and technological steps towards keeping people safe while under the influence.

Liftshare highly prioritises the safety of its community, so it’s always great to see new advancements in this area.

So how does it work? Well, the video below explains that the system within your car will detect the level of alcohol in your blood in less than a second to deem you either fit, or unfit, to drive. The technology uses both a breath-based test and a touch system to accurately measure how much alcohol is in your blood.

Currently geared towards American consumers, the car will not move at all if your blood alcohol level is over .08 – which is the current legal threshold in 50 US States. It can even be programmed to take a zero tolerance stance on alcohol in the blood if the owner chooses.

The precise technological method is explained in the video below, and makes for fascinating, reassuring viewing for those concerned about driving under the influence.

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Image Credit: DADSS

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