Do you want to create a 3 year legacy with remaining LSTF budget?

When the LSTF period is over, what are you leaving behind?

As you know, legacy has been the word on many lips from the beginning, but as the first period of LSTF draws to a close and bids roll in for LSTF 2,  many LSTF Managers are considering the impact that there projects have and might continue to deliver.

You may have changed your infrastructure, perhaps provided new services, but have you considered what you can leave behind that will continue to fulfil a catalyst role for changing behaviour towards more sustainable means of travel?

Liftshare have a solution.  Why not use the remainder of your LSTF (or other budget) to invest in credits for myPTP – this will give you the ability to provide personalised travel plans to businesses and/or individuals long after the funds have gone.

If you would like to investigate this legacy opportunity further, please contact Kate Atkinson on 01603 389321 or email

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