Revealed! The secret of that little arrow on your car’s fuel gauge

Here’s a fun fact for all you liftsharers out there.

Have you ever looked down at your car’s fuel gauge and wondered why there was a little arrow next to the fuel pump symbol?

See it? Right there in the middle:

Now, some of you might know this already – although it turns out many don’t – but the arrow is there to let driver’s know which side of the car their fuel cap is on.

Not only is this incredibly useful when pulling into petrol stations, it’s a neat little reminder to those stopping for a top-up during the commuting rush, because we all know that we can do silly things or be forgetful when in full-on stress mode. Of course, having a liftsharer with you helps stop the stress – so click here to find your journey match!

We’d love to hear how many of you didn’t know this before today, as it seems this is a common discovery for a lot of people.

Stay tuned for more fun car secrets, motoring news and interviews right here on the Liftshare blog. Sign up to Liftshare now to start cutting your petrol bills and sharing your trips!

Author Lex Barber


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