👉 Is there a safety difference between right-handed and left-handed drivers? 👈

Scientists may have proved that left-handed drivers are more likely to crash their vehicles than right-handed drivers.

A new study carried out by insurers Privilege shows that left-handed drivers have, on average, more road traffic accidents, speeding tickets, and parking tickets compared to their right-handed counterparts. But, they’re more likely to pass their driving test first time round.

Across 60 years of motoring, right-handed drivers average eight road accidents, whereas lefties average nine. 28% of those left-handed got a speeding ticket in this period, compared to 19% for those right-handed. Parking tickets were 26% vs 23%, in favour of the right-handed.

However, 53% of left-handed motorists passed their driving test first time – but just 49% of right-handed drivers achieved the same. This may be lefties also seemed to be more cautious with their cars, with 3% less of them bumping or scratching their cars than those right-handed.

Charlotte Fielding, a spokesperson from Privilege joked: “Rest assured we won’t be amending policies to take these results into account!”, but added “There are lots of theories about whether or not being left-handed or right-handed affects your intelligence, creativity and artistic ability – so we wanted to examine this theory amongst drivers”.

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Author Lex Barber


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