Sharing site TaskRabbit aims to destroy your to-do list in 2015

TaskRabbit Tasker

TaskRabbit has been music to the ears of many time-poor professionals in the US, but has recently moved to London, with plans to conquer the broader UK in 2015.

Haven’t heard of them? Well you soon will, as it’s an online and mobile marketplace that enables people to outsource their home services and tasks like deliveries, shopping, DIY and any number of things you’ve probably been putting off from doing for so long.

Have we got your attention yet? Now get this:

TaskRabbit has expanded into key commuter hubs in Greater London including St. Albans, Reading, Guildford and Brighton. It’s now set to blow productivity levels through the roof in Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh in 2015.

It’s simple really: time-poor individuals outsource tasks to skilled and fully-vetted professionals in their neighbourhoods, whether they need help putting up flat pack furniture, getting a last-minute deep clean of the house or helping with the Christmas shopping. Whatever you need doing, TaskRabbit can help.

According to Jamie Viggiano, VP of Marketing at TaskRabbit, London was its first international venture after being big hit in the US and a venture which proved more successful than they initially thought.

Viggiano adds, ‘’Busy Londoners have embraced the service as a way to help eliminate their never ending to-do lists. We’ve seen growing demand from commuters and residents across Greater London and the South East, wanting to use the service both at work and home’’.

So if it’s about time you finally set up that bird feeder you got in 2013 to earn some positive karma points, why not give our sharing friends at TaskRabbit a shout?

It’s an easy, trusted, and safe way to get both every-day and skilled tasks done.

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