Should banned motorists have to re-take their driving test?

A parliamentary committee have recommended that motorists banned from driving should have to resit their driving tests before they can drive again.

The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group is made up of peers and MPs and says that the current justice system is failing to protect cyclists by “allowing dangerous and inconsiderate driving to go unchecked”.

The group have released a report on “Cycling and the Justice System”, which makes a series of recommendations on how to improve road safety for cyclists. On the same day, another report revealed that 64% of the British population believe that the UK’s roads aren’t safe enough to cycle on.

Resitting tests isn’t the only suggestion the group have put forward. They also suggest frequent re-testing of drivers who have committed offences and the closure of a current legal loophole that allows drivers to continue driving despite having 12 or more points on their licence. The current system prevents motorists from losing their licence if they would be subjected to “exceptional hardship” as a result, and its believed it applies to c8,600 drivers across the UK.

The report reads: “Exceptional hardship was raised with us by many of the witnesses as a topic where it was felt that the justice system was failing to protect cyclists and other road users. The driving demerit system operates by giving offenders chances to redeem their behaviour before the sanction of disqualification is imposed. By offering yet another chance the system risks losing its effectiveness in modifying behaviour.”

Martin Porter QC told the committee: “A whole industry has arisen of lawyers specialising in permitting motorists who would otherwise face a mandatory period of disqualification to retain their driver’s licences. These loopholes should be closed. Every driver should think through the consequences both to others and to themselves of breaking the law before committing the crime.”

What do you think – and do you think you’d pass your test again first time? Let us know in the comments below!

Author Lex Barber


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