Speeding fines to surge by up to 50% from April

A new fine structure for speeding motorists will come into effect on April 24th.

Following a review of the current process in 2016, it was agreed that magistrates need to be tougher on serious speeding offences. Some of the more serious cases will incur fines increased by 50%. The new rules will affect England and Wales.

The new structure will see offences categorised into three bands – Band A for minimal offences, Band B for medium-risk offences, and Band C for severe speeding. The current limit for fines is up to 100% of the driver’s weekly wage, up to a limit of £1,000 (or £2,500 if the offence has taken place on a motorway). This will now raise to 150% of the weekly wage but will not increase the upper limit.

So what is a serious offence? It depends on the speed limit of the area in which the speeding has taken place.

• 20mph speed limit – 41mph and above recorded speed of driver

• 30mph speed limit – 51mph and above recorded speed of driver

• 40mph speed limit – 66mph and above recorded speed of driver

• 50mph speed limit – 76-85mph and above recorded speed of driver

• 60mph speed limit – 91mph and above recorded speed of driver

• 70mph speed limit – 101mph and above recorded speed of driver

Offenders will still face points on their licence and disqualifications, depending on the severity of the offence.

Do you think the new fine structure is appropriate, or is it too much? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us!


Author Lex Barber


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