🔮🚘 Tesla dashcam footage appears to predict car crash before it happens

Dashcam footage from a Tesla vehicle appears to show the car’s autopilot predict a crash seconds before it happens – but is this really the case?

The video, which was uploaded to Twitter by Hans Noordsij, a Dutch motorist, shows a group of cars travelling down the A2 highway in the Netherlands. His car’s ‘forward collision warning’ beeps, and an emergency brake kicks in – without him taking any action.

A moment later, the vehicle in front crashes, and another flips into the air.

The driver then manually applies the brakes himself. Watch the footage now, below:


So is Tesla’s autopilot seriously capable of predicting a crash from so far away? Unfortunately; not yet.

The hatchback in question doesn’t seem to have noticed that other cars ahead of it have slowed down – and so it rear-ends the SUV in front. It’s estimated that the car’s autopilot function was no quicker than the optimum human reaction; providing of course, the driver was paying enough attention. In this case, the forward vehicle is still visible behind the smaller, but it may not have the case if the cars were the other way around.

Luckily, no one suffered anything other than minor injuries in the incident.

Tesla is currently upgrading its autopilot feature, to include more advanced signal processing to create a wider picture of the world around it.

What do you think – is the driver relying too heavily on autopilot, or is that just how the system should work? Let us know on the Liftshare Twitter account, or in the comments below.



Author Lex Barber


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