This is what London might look like if the climate collapses

Liftshare cares deeply about sustainability matters, so imagine our surprise when we saw a series of harrowing mock photos that suggest how London may look should after an environmental catastrophe.

The series of images is called Postcards From The Future, and the collection was created by UK artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc Jones to show the potential fallout of climate collapse.

They depict London in various states of disarray, including intense flooding of Waterloo, brutal dry spells that see the Thames turned into a desert trench, and thousands lining up to secure clean drinking water from relief tents in Parliament Square. There’s also fracking on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, and a flooded Picadilly Circus consumed by water lillies and elevated wind turbines.

Some may pass the images off as a post-apocalyptic pipe dream, but they were informed by actual predictions from scientists in the field of climate control. As such, they should cause eco-sceptics to sit up and pay attention, because as extreme as these backdrops may appear, they could very well sit on our horizon.

The artistic duo explained that the art series was inspired by how difficult it is to truly visualise environmental warnings published in green articles, and to really show the potential penalties of neglecting sustainability issues for too long. We at Liftshare say – the pair have done a tremendous job of capturing the seriousness of several ecological matters at hand.

Above all, one thing is clear; the images certainly paint a grim vision of the future. Have a look at their image reel and let us know what you think.

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