Uber to start fining passengers who are more than 2 minutes late!

In an attempt to placate some of the ongoing issues with their drivers, Uber are introducing new features to benefit those driving for them – including the ability to fine passengers who are more than two minutes late!

In order to attract new drivers and ease the workload for those who already work for them, Uber have announced a raft of new features. These include the ability for drivers to add $5 or $10 to the bill if a passenger is late – and this has already been tested successfully in US cities New York, New Jersey, Phoenix and Dallas.

Drivers will also now be able to specify their routes, so pick-ups can fit in with their own journeys; they can pause ride requests, and be paid instantly. There will also be discounts for drivers who take rides themselves.

The new features are expected to go live in more cities around the US before launching in the UK.

The ‘pause trip requests’ will for the first time allow drivers to take a break or end their shift without actually having to decline the requests, as they did previously. The instant pay will allow them to click a new tab on their app and immediately receive payment, and the new discount system will allow ride-share drivers to claim 15% off a ride for every 10 trips they complete in a week.

Do the new measures make ride-sharing your trips on Uber more attractive? Do you think two minutes is too steep? Let us know in the comments below!

Author Lex Barber


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