UK’s most dangerous driving habits revealed!

Liftshare prides itself on keeping its community safe and secure whether they’re a driver or passenger – in fact, we’ve written a whole guide about it here – so imagine our intrigue when our friends at The Car Loan Warehouse sent us their research on the UK’s most dangerous driving habits.

So what exactly did Car Loan Warehouse discover? Well, it seems that our of 5,000 polled UK drivers, a whopping 31.6% are guilty of what they’ve dubbed the ‘dine-and-drive’ – which is either drinking or eating while behind the wheel – we really hope that doesn’t include piping hot coffee!

28% of UK drivers reckon they are too tired while on the road, which as we all know is a big safety no-no, while 26.4% admitted to regularly breaking speed limits. Naughty behaviour indeed there folks.

13% admit to using their phone while driving and an astonishing 10.5% confessed to not wearing a seatbelt during journeys – which you’d like to think is safety 101 for any driver. Lastly, 6.8% of drivers said they often groom behind the wheel, be it applying lipstick, fixing their hair and more.

In conclusion, the study found that many UK drivers are more concerned with making their car journeys ‘efficient’ – by multitasking when they should be keeping an eye on the road – than ensuring the trip is safe for everyone in the vehicle.

That’s obviously a worry, but hopefully the figures will get offenders thinking twice next time they set off in their vehicle.

Are you guilty of any of the above? Come on, be honest…

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