68% of Zenith’s workforce sign up to car share within a month!

Zenith, the UK’s leading independent leasing, vehicle outsourcing and fleet management provider, has hopped on board with Liftshare to promote sustainable travel amongst their employees – with 68% of the workforce signing up!

Launching their scheme, Driven Together, in April at their Leeds site, the Liftshare team visited their offices to deliver presentations on the benefits of shared travel. 150 employees signed up to car share on the day and a further 88 since launch. With 350 people based in Leeds, this is almost 70% of the total workforce engaged and empowered to share their daily commute – and they’ve been up and running less than a month!

Zenith has a long-standing commitment to ensuring their business is conducted as ethically and responsibly as possible, and are continually updating and improving their Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Shared travel will help cut down on the number of single-occupancy vehicles coming to site, alongside promoting networking on the way to work and encouraging employees to meet and engage with each other.

Employees in Leeds signed up to the corporate car sharing scheme are already feeling the benefits and are helping ‘do their bit’ for the local area.

Sharers will be taking a whopping 56,000 miles off of the roads in their local area annually – that’s over twice the miles it would take to drive around the entire Earth! £7,000 is being saved in fuel  costs, which puts a nice bit of cash back into the pockets of those sharing their journeys. Combine this with the saving of 10 tonnes of CO2, and it’s easy to see why so many have signed up.

“Using the Driven Together site to book a lift was easy; we exchanged a couple of messages to agree on the particulars and then created our team. I even got a few extra steps in for the day by walking to and from my pick up location,” said Helen Naylor, head of customer experience.

Commenting on the scheme Marisa Waddington, HR director at Zenith said: “Feedback from colleagues has been great with people saving money and making new friends. It’s also great timing that Peter Kay’s new Car Share series has coincided with the launch of our car sharing scheme.”

Alys Kimberley from the Liftshare Events Team, said: “It was a pleasure to visit Zenith on-site and present to their staff on the benefits of shared, sustainable travel. To have signed up so many people in one day is fantastic, and Zenith’s engagement and promotion of Driven Together have been key in making this such a success so early on.”

Author Lex Barber


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