A day in the life of… Liftshare’s Marketing Manager

 Hi! I’m Lex, the Marketing Manager for Liftshare.

If you read the Liftshare blog articles or social media, then you actually have already seen my work in practice, but probably not realised it. So let’s consider this a formal introduction, and here’s a bit more information on what I do.

I start my day in front of the TV with a coffee, watching the news. I’m a real news channel junkie, and like to fit in at least four (seriously geeky, I know!) before I leave… normally Euronews, Al-Jazeera, RT and NHK, and sometimes France24, Sky, BBC, or CNN. I’m not a sucker for misery, but I like hearing the different  viewpoints on stories that channels in different areas report on. It’s not very often that something is portrayed in exactly the same way across the globe!

This alongside a quick social media check gives me a good idea of what’s going on in the world, and often influences on what’s going on in my day-to-day role in the office.

I get into the office about 8:30am and there’s normally a fair few people in by the time I arrive. I log onto all of Liftshare’s social media (that’s Facebook and Twitter primarily, but also LinkedIn and YouTube) to check what’s happening in terms of likes, comments, and messages. It’s at this time of the day that I can also check my inbox for ad hoc queries – press requests, local businesses asking questions, and updates from IT.

The whole team have a weekly update meeting on a Monday morning, and I present monthly on the traffic levels to different areas of Liftshare; so how many people have visited our websites and why, and how that fits against my target levels of activity. This is also where I hear what everyone else in Liftshare is up to – so the product team, customer engagement team, membership team and business development all update too!

Ah, a certain rail company has messed up their timetabling again. I quickly schedule in some tweets to coincide with their hashtag and reach out to some members of the public who are stuck as a result. So few have considered carsharing – but alas they’re all willing to give it a go. Result! 🙂

Now I need to get some content written for our blog, and there’s a new carpool karaoke out, and a story in the news related to travel, so I have some good ideas. I try and publish two or three articles a week on the official Liftshare blog, but it can be tricky to find decent material. Everything also needs to be written with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind, so that people searching the web can find what they’re looking for within the articles. Thankfully I love reading and writing. Writing the blogs, proof-reading some comms for other members of the team, and dealing with some more e-mails (questions from supporter liaison officers at football clubs we work with, this time, and pulling together some carbon saved statistics for a major festival we had users liftshare to) takes me through the morning.

I report into the CEO of Liftshare, Ali. We meet every other week to chat through everything going on and plan for future marketing bits and bobs, as well as working through the statistics and running through the analytics of our previous activity. Ali’s out and about travelling quite often, so I take in a list and try and get through as much as possible before I forget it! I come out with some actions, and get a couple more bits done before heading out for some lunch.

A quick walk around the fine city of Norwich, where we’re based, and then back to the office for some food and a chat. We have a great kitchen area in our office and lots of the team tend to eat there. We have a different newspaper every day in the office and of course I can’t resist a bit of news, so a quick flick through one of these while I’m eating is a nice break.

I’m prepping for our upcoming Liftshare Week campaign, and catch up with a group of representatives from each team within the business to talk through and co-ordinate plans. We go through some poster designs, make some tweaks, and start work on messaging for tailored comms. There’s a really good feeling in these meetings; lots of fresh ideas and viewpoints raised. It’s set to be a good week!

Back to my desk, and time to answer a quick customer query from our Twitter account. If it’s too in-depth, I’ll refer it over to our Membership Team, but as it’s something I can answer, I just respond myself. And now onto the big job of the day – working on our Brand Guidelines document. I’ve been working for a while on improving our brand look and feel, and with some help from a couple of my colleagues who have an eye for design, am almost there. Branding covers everything you do as a business; your colours, logo, fonts, graphics, and even tone of voice when you write, so it’s important to get it right. It’s been a big job but will all be worth it in the end.

I have a quick call scheduled in with a journalist from the local newspaper to discuss Pokemon Go. Let it never be said that my job isn’t varied! We have a chalkboard outside the office and I try to keep it updated with quotes, messages and notices. Last week I popped a Pokemon reference on there and set off some ‘lures’ near the office to attract people, then went out to talk to them all. It was definitely for business, not just a Friday chat… AHEM. Anyhow, with the hype around the game, lots of press are interested in hearing how businesses are using it, and so I have a nice call with a Business Editor about the positives of people getting out and interacting. Not my usual PR, but fun all the same!

Another quick Facebook message to a member down, and time for me to head off. I have a yoga workshop and dinner to cook…

Social media enquiries always seem to come in at the oddest of times, but thankfully I’m enough of an addict to my mobile to see them and respond quickly most of the time. But now, time for bed. Seeya!

If you like the sound of working for Liftshare, check out our Careers page for more info on current vacancies.

Author Lex Barber


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