“Car sharing gave us the chance to have a proper chat and sing along to the radio for some pre-festival excitement”


Kate told us that she rarely gets to see her sister, so if she won festival tickets, she’d share the experience with her – for a child-free weekend of singalongs, dancing and sunshine.

Kate was pretty excited when we called her to confirm that we’d be sending her to the Isle of Wight Festival, but how did she get on? Read below for her full festival experience…

“I screamed with excitement down the phone to my sister to let her know we had just won tickets to the Isle Of Wight festival. Me and my little sister hardly ever get time to ourselves without hoards of kids, boyfriends and other distractions. We were so excited and immediately started planning our escape! Our normal car sharing companions are our small children but on this occasion it was a far more civilised selection of grown ups in the car – myself, my sister and friend Sara. Car sharing down to the docks gave us the chance to have a proper chat and sing along to the radio for some pre-festival excitement. The sun was shining, great company and a relaxed start to the day – perfect.

We arrived at the festival fresh and ready to see the sights. We managed to grab a drink and stomp around the whole festival within the first couple of hours, catching glimpses of famous faces and happy festival goers. We started off at the main stage and settled on the grass in the sun. It was very tempting to never move again but after we moved ourselves over to the Cirque de Quirk stage which is a much smaller more intimate experience entirely. We managed to get right up close to the stage and stayed much of the evening.

The next day we squeezed in Jack Savoretti, the Kooks, Mel C, Zara Larsson and Example. Exhausted and by this time slightly muddy in my flip flops (I went against all the sensible shoe advice…) we fell into our tents.

To sum it up: great company, amazing music, lots of chips, lots of drinks and slightly sore feet. Thank you Liftshare for giving us such an exciting weekend. It will take us a week to recover but well worth it!!”

So, there you have it. Kate and Jessica sharing gave them a great experience and a weekend to remember.

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Author Lex Barber


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