Cash or card? Two ways to pay for your Liftshare

The Liftshare system calculates a price for your journey based on the UK allowable limit for petrol contributions, so that drivers don’t make a profit to impact their insurance, and passengers can grab a ride for a cheap, but fair, price.

There’s now two ways to pay for your Liftshare, dependent on what the driver selects – cash in the car, or payable online in advance. Here’s how they both work:

For drivers: Passengers paying you online

If you’d like to not have to talk money or deal with cash in the car, you can set up your lift for your passenger/s to pay you online, and the whole process be taken care of automatically. When listing your lift, you can select Online Payment, and go from there.

This will mean that your passenger/s pay online and the amount charged is automatically credited to you upon either you inputting the passengers payment code (they’ll give it to you after a successful lift), or 48hrs after the journey has completed (unless you or a passenger gets in touch with us to say it didn’t happen).

You can then cash out your money into your bank account. Your balance and payment info to do this can be found in Account Home > As Driver > Transactions.

For passengers: Paying your driver online

If a driver has set up a lift to accept online payment, there’s no need for you to discuss a fee or deal with cash on the ride. Instead, you can pay when you book the listed price.

Paying online when you book means that the money is held safely until your lift is complete. Once you’ve completed the lift, you can give the driver your payment code. This will unlock the payment for them, and ensures that they don’t receive the money until its actually taken place. If there is an issue, or you don’t take the lift for whatever reason, let us know. We can ensure that the payment doesn’t go through to the driver unnecessarily.

You can contact us at, or give our Community Manager Lucie a call on 01603 689321.

For drivers: Passengers paying you in cash

If you’d prefer your passengers to pay you in cash en route, you can select this option while listing your lift.

It is up to you whether or not you ask your passenger to pay you at the beginning or the end of the trip, but this is done at your own risk. We would encourage you to stick to the suggested price that the system calculates when receiving cash – as deviating could result in breaching the legal limit for petrol contributions, which could impact the hire and reward clause on your insurance. You can read more about how pricing and insurance works on our Trust and Safety page.

Perhaps if this lift is going to take place more than once, and your passenger can drive, you take it turns to drive, rather than exchange money? This too won’t impact insurance and switches things up nicely, so it’s another option.

For passengers: Paying your driver in cash

If a driver has listed their journey to be paid in cash, you’ll see this when booking.

It’s up to you and your driver to decide as to whether you pay at the beginning or the end of your journey, but you do this at your own risk.

Despite not paying online, we would recommend that you do stick to the suggested price calculated by the system. The Liftshare system calculates a price that sits within the legal limit for a petrol contribution – which ensures that those offering lifts don’t breach their hire or reward clause on their insurance policy, as they’re not making a profit.

The other option is that if you can drive, and are booking a lift that’s likely to happen more than once, you could take it in turns to drive, rather than exchange any money. It’s worth considering!

If dealing with cash in front of someone that you don’t know well makes you feel uneasy, please visit our Trust and Safety page for advice on safety when sharing.

If you need any help with payments, or any aspect of liftsharing, you can get in contact with us. Either use the comments below, or visit our Contact Us page to give us a shout!

Photo credit: Pixabay


Author Lex Barber


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