“A train ticket can cost more than the match ticket!”

Liftshare have teamed up with the Football League to offer football fans a new tool to help them Get To The Game – and encourage fans to carshare to matches both home and away.

Travel can often be the most expensive part of the matchday experience, and with more and more fans struggling to cover these growing costs, liftsharing can offer a great solution.

We caught up with Ed, a Queens Park Rangers fan, to see what he thought of the new Football League partnership.

Q: Ed, why do you find it useful to share a lift to a match?

A: For away games it’s certainly cheaper and more convenient than public transport, and it means I have some company for the journey.

Q: You don’t own your own car, but if you did, would you want to offer people lifts to an away game? 

A: I would, and I’d use the money saved on petrol to buy the new kit.

Q: Why do you think it’s useful for football fans in particular to share?

A: Football clubs are made up of close-knit communities and sharing binds these communities. We share the passion, the banter, the ups and downs of success and failure… sharing these things are part of belonging to a club.

Q: Do you encourage other fans to carshare to games?

A: Of course. Transport cost is a huge problem for fans on low wages. Train tickets can cost more than the match ticket! Car-sharing is therefore a great option for fans who would otherwise not be able to afford the trip. Sharing the journey with fellow fans also adds to the hype. It’s an important part of an away game experience.

Q: What else do football supporters tend to share?

A: For football fans it’s not about sharing objects. It’s about sharing our energy, our passion, our identity within the mob. It’s all about sharing our sense of belonging. Anything that brings us closer together can only be a good thing.

Q:Who would you most want to lift to a game with?

A: Some of the die hard fans such as the season ticket holders. I wouldn’t mind sharing a lift with our captain Nedum Onuoha A.K.A. The Chief.

Q: What away game would you most like to share to and why?

A: Somewhere up North, maybe Carlisle, or a pretty city like York. When Northern and Southern teams clash there’s always great banter and chants in the stadium. Would be great to stay for an extra day to see some nice countryside too!

Are you headed to a match this weekend? Check out who else is going your way, or offer a lift at Get To The Game!

Author Lex Barber


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