Guest post by Zsofi Bohm: ‘The hand in water isn’t like the hand in fire’

This blog post has been written by a Liftshare member, Zsofi. If you’d be interested in writing a blog for us, get in touch with Lex at Liftshare HQ.

“As a traveller, I’m always interested in listening to random stories of people from all around the world. As a documentary photographer, I am always interested in sharing these stories through pictures. I travelled for more than three years hitch-hiking, couch-surfing and liftsharing around 15 countries.

I was one of the people who was trusted and helped out unconditionally by several good souls on the way, these experiences have made me more open-minded and considerate to strangers in need of help.

In my photography, I focus on humanity as a global phenomenon. I believe that we are all responsible for one another, regardless of any borders or cultural differences that tend to divide us.zsofia 3

My most recent project about refugees, ‘The hand in water isn’t like the hand in fire’, seeks to merge the virtual and the real in order to challenge our imagination. Using a projector, I re-contextualized iconic images from the Syrian war and refugee crisis, and combined them with places of everyday life in the UK.

While some are fighting for resources, power, the display of their imaginary strength, others suffer from the consequences of all this. If not by losing their lives, innocent in their home land, by being forced to leave everything behind and escape in search of safety and peace elsewhere.

On another part of the Earth, others live in great comfort and security, enjoying their well-being and human rights. Media spreads the news and sympathy or revulsion is generated. Some people cannot or are simply not willing to imagine that they could also easily become victims of a power game between higher forces.”

Photos used belong to Zsofi, and make up part of her project. To find out more about Zsofi’s work visit her Facebook page and online portfolio.


Author Lucie Boyle


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