Isle of Wight Festival 2017: how to get priority parking

The Isle of Wight Festival is set for its biggest year ever from 8th-11th June, with a line-up featuring David Guetta, Run DMC, Arcade Fire, Rod Stewart, Kaiser Chiefs, The Vamps, The Pretenders, and RagNBone Man.

It looked as though IOW 2017 might not happen, but the festival has struck back with perhaps its most star-studded line-up ever – and four main headliners!

Most drive to the site, due to the location, but even so, you can find yourself with a long walk from the car park to the campsite – and when you’re carrying a tent and all your stuff, it can be an unwelcome start to the weekend.

But, the festival does offer priority parking which is much closer to the campsite… and upgrading to priority won’t cost you anyting more!

How to get a priority car park pass

As part of the festival’s commitment to help cut carbon and congestion on the island, those liftsharing to/from the site will receive a priority car park pass to encourage sharing. It’s really easy to register for one, and there’s no additional charge. Just follow the below steps, and you’ll be feeling VIP upon your arrival on the Isle:

  • Register yourself and your journey on the official Isle of Wight Festival Liftshare site
  • Contact your matches for drivers going your way (if you need a lift) or respond to match requests from those who need a ride (if you’re offering out spare seats
  • Discuss any details via messaging and, once your car share is arranged, click on ‘Ask to share’ (if you’re a passenger) or confirm any requests you’ve received (if you’re the driver)
  • Go to the ‘Liftshare teams’ section of your Liftshare account and download and print the priority parking permit
  • Make sure the priority parking permit takes pride of place in your windscreen when you arrive
  • Drive on to one of the two festival priority car parks!

All priority parking will be clearly signposted, so you can find your way quickly and easily. So it’s full steam ahead for sharing, VIP parking, and doing your bit for the environment!

Author Lex Barber


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