You asked, we listened!

In the past, you may have been asked to answer the following question:

“Based on your experience with our website so far, how likely is it that you would recommend our website to a friend or colleague?”

We ask this question so that we can gain your feedback on the service our website provides you. That feedback is then reviewed and taken to our Productive Development team so that they can make changes to our platform to improve your user experience.


Recent updates

Registration improvements

Liftshare has been established for 20 years, so it’s no surprise that you may have forgotten that you’re already registered to our service! If you try to register with an email already registered to our system, you’ll now see this notification, prompting you to try resetting your password:

NPS2Log in improvements

We’re all so used to logging in to our accounts that sometimes we misread the information we’re being asked for. Now, if you accidentally input your name instead of your email address, we’ve made the wording clearer so you know when you’ve made a mistake:


Suggested contribution

We’ve updated the wording when we offer a suggested contribution on journeys.

We’ve added clarity to the wording so that you know that the suggested contribution figure is for one-way journeys, if you’re planning to share the return trip, you’ll need to calculate the return journey too.


Read Receipts

Read receipts have been added to the messaging functionality, meaning that you can see if another member has read your message. We are looking to improve this further to make it clear when a message hasn’t been read.


Messaging capacity met

To avoid any potential spam accounts, we impose a limit on how many new conversation messages can be sent within a 24 hour period. Should this affect you, the wording of the notification you’ll receive is now clearer, letting you know that you’ll be able to send more messages in 24 hours, rather than the next day:


Photo up-loader

We’ve improved the photo up-loader within your account settings, meaning you’re easily able to rotate your profile picture once its uploaded. No more upside down smiley faces 🙃! Plus, did you know you’re 27% more likely to find someone to Liftshare with if you add a picture of yourself to your account?



Adding journeys from the Savings Calculator

You can use our nifty Savings Calculator to work out how much you can save by sharing your journey. Once you’ve seen the fantastic savings on offer by sharing, you can add your journey straight away at the bottom of the page. Handy!


Impaired view of the map on our app

Members using our app were experiencing an issue which meant member information was being showed over the journey information. This issue has been fixed so that the member information is displayed away from the journey map:



Phew! That’s a lot of updates for a few months, but it doesn’t end there!

Coming soon


Seat availability – We are looking to add more detail to the journey information page to show how many seats are available to share in the car

‘My journeys’ – We continually aim to make your experience with our website simpler, and so we will be merging the ‘As driver’ and ‘As passenger’ tabs to simply ‘My Journeys’.

The Product Development, who work to implement your suggestions

We really do value your feedback and are constantly trying to improve our products to make them as user-friendly and simple to use as possible. If you have improvements you’d like to see, please email our Membership, Campaigns and Communication Manager, Laura:

Author Laura Watling


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