Liftshare Product Development round up: August-December 2019

Since redesigning our dashboard in March 2019, we spent the year making many more changes. So here is a round up of all the exciting changes that have been developed on our products.



Since launching the new Liftshare App in June 2019, we have seen our Trip Authentication usage go through the roof. Some clients have had a phenomenal uplift in usage. For example:

Using Smart Parking means clients can accurately track who is ACTUALLY sharing on a daily and historic basis. You can read more about it HERE.

Throughout the latter part of 2019, we added so many changes to the Smart Parking reporting functionality on the Liftshare dashboard, these can all be read about on our internal release notes for clients, so if you have Dashboard login access, CLICK HERE to read more!




Liftshare have had two extremely successful campaigns since our last product blog; Liftshare Week in October 2019 and New Year in January 2020! Here’s an overview of how we did for Liftshare Week 2019, the New Year results are still coming in!



Case Studies

We’ve added some new client success stories. Take a look at how other clients are using our products! For those of you that have Liftshare dashboard access, you can read these HERE. They include quotes and statistics from the likes of:

  • Bentley
  • ARUP
  • University of Birmingham
  • Minster Law
  • Bupa


Car Registration Plates on Trip Authentication Reports

For clients who collect the number plates of their members, and want to check which number plates have authenticated members in them, you can now use the Smart Parking report. For example, the report below shows who HAS authenticated, and the car registration associated to that member:



myPTP helps our clients deliver personalised travel plans, quickly, easily and cost effectively. The myPTP tool is the only journey planner in the UK that gives you public transport, walking and cycling results AS WELL AS car sharing matches in one place to be able to make an informed, yet independent decision on how you can best travel to your place of work.

And this year, we launched it’s new look and logo!



Have you just launched your scheme with us? Use our VALUE CALCULATOR to see the potential that rolling out your scheme could give you in savings:




We help all of our schemes with member queries every day through our own member support inbox and social media.

To improve this, and help service our members quicker, we’ve implemented some user guides for them AND made support access appear at the bottom of the screen when a member is logged in so they can get in touch with us directly:



We strive to create award-winning products that disrupt the industry and prove our constant innovation and progress. In 2019 we won 3 awards!

  • Scottish Transport Awards – Innovation
  • Digital Agenda Impact Awards – Tech for good ‘Sharing Economy’
  • Queens Award for Enterprise




The development team at Liftshare have been working on a top secret project which will be announced this quarter! Stay tuned for more information soon…



We release product blogs throughout the year to keep you updated on the new features of Liftshare. Our clients can see further release notes on their client dashboard in the updates section, with even more detail and even more changes.



Have you got some ideas about additional features or functionality on our platform as a member or a client? Get in touch by tweeting us @Liftshare or email our Head of Product, Sarah Roberts using

Sarah Roberts

Author Sarah Roberts


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