Sustainable Accessories and Clothes for your Journey

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We have not used any affiliate links in this article, therefore will not make any money from linking to the items listed. We have simply gathered a selection of products that we feel will resonate with lift-sharers.

From Liftshare member feedback surveys, we know that sustainability is high on your agenda – consistently sitting in the top three reasons you share journeys. Therefore, we’ve curated some environmentally-friendly travel accessories and clothes so you can travel in style while also making a positive impact. Let’s explore some of our go-to pieces that will elevate your commute the eco-friendly way.


1. Goodordering Bag

Goodordering Neon Eco Bag

Start your journey right with an eye catching and functional bag from Goodordering. Made from recycled water bottles, their range of bags for all the family combines fashion with functionality, perfect for carrying your essentials while on the go. Originally specialising in bike bags, Goodordering offer all sorts of designs and colours, alongside hard to resist sunglasses and food printed t-shirt’s for a complete look that’s both sustainable and comment worthy.


2. The House of Marley Sustainable Headphones

House of Marley earbuds

Immerse yourself in your favourite tunes with headphones from The House of Marley. Crafted from mindfully sourced eco-friendly materials like recycled aluminium, bamboo and reclaimed fabric, these headphones deliver top-notch sound quality while reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy your music guilt-free knowing you’re supporting a better future.


3. Ocean Bottles Reusable Travel Tumbler

Stay hydrated on the move with eco-friendly travel tumblers from Ocean Bottle. Designed from recycled stainless steel in a variety of styles and colours, each bottle purchase funds of1,000 ocean bound plastic bottles. Make a small yet impactful change by opting for reusable drinkware that helps reduce single-use plastic waste.


4. The Danes Bamboo Cutlery Set or Wild & Stone Cutlery & Straw Set

Sustainable cutlery

Ditch disposable utensils and opt for bamboo cutlery sets from The Danes or Wild & Stone. Whether you prefer a knife, fork, and spoon combo or a versatile set with a straw included, these eco-friendly alternatives are perfect for travel, picnics, or everyday use. Say goodbye to plastic cutlery and embrace sustainable dining on the go.


5. OneNine5 Eco-Friendly Laptop and Electronics Cases

Protect your tech gear in style with eco-friendly laptop and electronics cases from OneNine5. Made from recycled polyester with vegan leather accents, these cases offer durability and functionality without compromising on style. Presented in different colourways, choose a case that suits your needs and showcases your commitment to the environment.


6. Rains Sustainable Unisex Raincoat

Rains waterproof jacket

Don’t let rainy days dampen your look– stay dry and feel good about it in a unisex raincoat from Rains. Offered in a range of striking colours and styles, their waterproof jackets and bags are not only practical but also environmentally friendly. Using PU-coating that’s much less environmentally damaging than alternatives, makes them the perfect choice for eco-conscious commuters.


By incorporating these sustainable accessories into your daily travels, you can make a small yet significant difference in reducing your environmental impact. Remember, every mindful purchase contributes to a greener future for all. So, next time you Liftshare, take along your new bamboo cup and be sure to brag about it on your way.

Author Eloise Perry


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