New member experience for Liftshare

The 17 March 2020 marks the day we launch our new member experience!

We have upgraded the Liftshare platform to make sharing your journeys much easier for both our corporate clients and our public communities.

Liftshare’s mission is to take as many miles off our roads as possible, and make sharing as normal as recycling! Our core product, which is used by the public on and is bespoke for over 750 of our clients, has the main purpose of tackling all our commutes and getting our members to confirm that they are indeed sharing these journeys.

Every confirmed share means that Liftshare can tally up miles and C02 saved, and help businesses do similar reporting for their own schemes.


So what are the changes?



When a member creates an account and logs in, it is now much clearer which point of the Liftshare timeline they are on. The system guides members through the process of adding a journey, searching for matches and messaging them, to confirming they are sharing and forming a Liftshare team.

The previous homepage presented new notifications at the top (new messages, share requests, ratings etc), but we have now replaced this with a notification centre. This shows a red dot next the bell icon when a new notification appears, similar to the market-leading social media sites.



Add a Journey

We have greatly improved the ‘add a journey’ process by making the options much more descriptive and the map much bigger. Liftshare uses Google to plot your route from A to B, but members can re-route this if the route shown isn’t the one they would usually take by dragging the route line to the desired place.

All members can choose between adding a regular, one-off or a shift journey.



Search results

Once a journey is added, members are taken to their search results. Previously, these were split between 2 pages showing drivers and passengers. The new system shows all results in one long list, making it easier for members to compare matches.

We’ve also done masses of research into a new search algorithm to get you even better Liftshare matches based on your search criteria.

Additionally, we have also added an option for members to click through and easily see their journey on Google Transit, just in case there are no Liftshare results…we wanted to show you your other Sustainable travel results as an alternative!



Journey details

When you click through from the search results to see someone’s journey, you’ll see more information about their leaving time and flexibility, whether they allow music and pets and how much baggage space they have.




The inbox has a totally new layout to make it even more mobile friendly!

You can now ask to share a journey from the messaging section, so after you have decided that the person you have found is the right match for you – the ‘Ask to Share’ button is right there.

Choosing between different conversations is also now much easier, as they are all down the left hand side of the window.



NEW FEATURE: Invite to team

Do you already know the person you want to share with? If so, then this new feature is a super quick way to form a team!

1. Go to your ‘teams’ page and select “Invite to Team”:



2.  Choose the journey you want to share and enter the details of the person you want to share with.

They will then receive an email requesting them:



3. The person will then get an email asking them to accept your request:



4. Once accepted, you’ll be in a Liftshare team!



Many more new features have been added to the new system to ensure Liftshare provides you with the best platform it can, to help you find a car share match and help us to take miles off our roads!


We always appreciate feedback at Liftshare, comment below or tweet us @Liftshare to get in touch with our product team! We’d love to hear what you think of the new site!

Author Sarah Roberts


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