To show you how much you love your planet, just look at these savings!

In February, Liftshare’s community made 1.4M passenger trips, and made these incredible savings!!

25,746,646 miles off the road.

5,059.22 tonnes of CO2 saved – that’s the equivalent weight of 115,000 orangutans!  

13.21 tonnes of NOx saved.

This also means our members saved £2,651,743 in total across those journeys – wow!!

So whatever your members’ motivations for lift-sharing, it’s clear to see what can be achieved so let’s get the wheels in motion and be the driving force behind change.

Why not speak with your Liftshare Client Engagement Manager about your scheme’s achievements and how you can do more 😊 Contact us on 01603 389 323.



Author Laura Crisp


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