Top tips for getting the best out of your Liftshare account

You’ve signed up to Liftshare and now you’re raring to find your first journey match. Here are our top tips on getting the most out of your account:

Have a profile picture and bio
When other members find you as a match, they will be able to see your profile picture and bio. We recommend you add a nice selfie of yourself – this helps other members to know who they might be sharing with, and if you do decide to share – who to look out for. As for your bio, we know it’s sometimes hard to find inspiration – what about giving your reason for wanting to Liftshare, mentioning the team you work in (if part of a Liftshare community), or highlighting your music preference? Much like your profile picture, your bio helps others to find out more about who they might share with.

Laura bio

Add a journey
It’s fantastic to form a Liftshare team, but before you can do so (and for some Liftshare communities*, be able to access some brilliant incentives) you need to add a journey. You can add a journey as a driver, a passenger or both. Not sure how to add a journey? Download our member guide or watch our member tutorials (coming soon!).

*A Liftshare Community is a Liftshare scheme which is available to employees of a particular organisation, for example, Jaguar Land Rover Liftshare.

Additional elements to adding a journey
Did you know, when adding a journey as a driver, you can add some optional preferences? In section 2 of the journey adding process, click “show further details”:

show further

Here you can highlight whether you’re happy with food, smoking, pets and music in your car, as well as add some additional free text. You’re also able to adjust how many seats are available and how much luggage space you have in your vehicle.

Search function
In some cases, you may already know who you want to share with – if you’re part of a Liftshare Community we’ve got you covered with two search functionalities. In the bottom left-hand corner of your Liftshare profile dashboard, you will see “Other members in the Liftshare community” – click here to search for the person you want to share with.


Alternatively, when you search a journey, you will see an option on the map to search for the person you want to share with:


Give a rating
Once you’ve shared a journey it would be fantastic if you could give your Liftshare partner a rating. This helps to give other members valuable information as to whether they would share with this individual and helps to make our platform a more reliable and safe. It also helps us to find positive member stories which we love to share!

 Update settings
You’re able to subscribe or unsubscribe from any marketing emails which we may send you, in your account settings. We’re often contacted by the media to see if we have any members who would be open to sharing their Liftsharing experience. In your account settings, you’re also able to opt-in to be a media contact.

account setting

Download the Liftshare Companion app
Did you know that we have an app? Once you’ve signed up to Liftshare and added a journey, you’re able to receive requests to share, speak to those who you’ve already connected with and review your journey information.


You can download the app here:



It’s good to adopt some Liftsharing etiquette to make the experience enjoyable for all parties. For example:

  • Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, aim to arrive promptly to avoid your Liftshare partner hanging around;
  • In some circumstances, you may be late or need to cancel arrangements – let your Liftshare partner know as soon as you can – this is where the Companion app comes in really handy;
  • As a passenger, respect your driver’s car. You may be fine with crumbs on the seat, but they may not – always check what they are happy with in terms of eating in the car, smoking, bringing pets along for the ride, music preferences, and you may even wish to ask how chatty they like to be on their journey;
  • If you’re a driver, keep your car clean and smelling fresh. In terms of ambience, not all passengers like heavy metal or drum and bass, so have a chat about your passenger’s preferences or find some middle ground;
  • If you’re paying for your part of the journey costs, always make sure you’ve got the correct change to hand, or check with your driver in advance if they’re happy to use Paypal, Pingit or bank transfer. Remember – your driver isn’t a taxi.


We’re always on hand to answer your queries about Liftshare, whether you’re a longstanding member or looking to join. You can contact us on Twitter (@Liftshare) and Facebook ( or drop us an email via

Author Laura Watling


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