CampLight launches new site – rent greener tents at UK festivals

Liftshare is always keen to see festivals reduce the amount of waste they produce each year, which is why we encourage revellers to share cars together as a way of cutting down on emissions.

But what about the material waste left behind after a big open-air festival? We recently spoke with Kes, editor at the Festival Mag, to get some astounding insight into just how damaging festivals can be on the environment. Our article is well worth a read if you’re an avid fest-goer.

Those who have been to big festivals before will surely have seen fields full of abandoned tents stretching as far as the eye can see. That’s exactly where the wonderful rent-a-tent site CampLight comes into play.


CampLight’s founder Kieran has just relaunched the company’s website with plenty of new information on how you can rent a green, up-cycled tent at the likes of Glastonbury, Bestival, Shambala and more. Your tent will be assembled and standing by the time you get to the camp site, and it is then fully cleaned and packed down for you at the end of the festival.

As the site name suggests – you’ll be camping lighter without lugging your tent around. They can also charge your phone, mark your tent with flagpoles and much more to help make your festival experience far more convenient.

Here’s a shot of their new site:



CampLight is also recommending people also ‘TravelLight’ by sharing car journeys with Liftshare. Our new iOS and Android apps make it even easier to find lifts to festivals across the UK and Europe, with pre-booking, messaging systems and cash-less payments. Give us a try when heading to a festival, commuting or going anywhere at all!

We’ll have more on CampLight from Kieran soon. Stay tuned for our next interview feature!

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