Liftshare awarded Highly Commended at The Circulars 2018

Liftshare are delighted to be recognised as a Highly Commended entrant for the Digital Disruptor category of the Circulars 2018.


The Circulars, which was established four years ago, recognises individuals and organisations across the world that are making significant contributions to the circular economy, be that in the public or private sector, or in society. The initiative was formed by the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, in collaboration with Accenture Strategy.

Liftshare’s entry, in which we were the People’s Choice, addressed the circular benefits of people who carshare as means of transport. Economically, Liftshare has enabled individuals to save on average £1000 per year in fuel costs, totalling £30 million since Liftshare began. Our clients have saved millions of pounds in unnecessary car park developments and the environment has benefited from an annual reduction in CO2 of 40,000 tonnes nationally. The entry also discussed the how Liftshare sets itself apart from its peers by being people-powered, tech-enabled and socially driven. As well as this, the entry mentions the successful add-ons to our main service, including our on-boarding and promotional events and our Happy CT project.

HappyCT, which has been funded by Nesta, is exploring how a sharing platform can remove transport poverty in rural areas by better connecting Community Transport with those that need it. It is currently very difficult for anyone to see all the community transport options available to them or their relatives. By using our knowledge and skills to make community transport visible in the online world, we aim to increase the visibility of these options and subsequently increase car occupancy levels, make more services financially viable and lead to less isolation and loneliness.

bus awards norwich and norfolk

In 2017, Liftshare were also awarded the Bronze National Bus Award in collaboration with Stagecoach – ‘Making buses a better choice’ and the Norwich and Norfolk Eco Hero award.


Author Laura Watling


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