Liftshare Week: How Liftshare and the UK’s biggest hospitality company are working together

Whitbread PLC is the UK’s largest hospitality group, owning household names such as Costa Coffee, Beefeaters Grill, Premier Inn, TableTable, and Brewers Fayre, and since being founded in 1742 have seen huge growth.

Their British headquarters are in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, having moved several times to allow for expansion. Some research carried out by HR onsite showed that the most popular form of transport to work was single-occupancy cars, and given the lack of parking availability, they decided to get stuck in and contact Liftshare.

Whitbread introduced a liftshare scheme for their staff, and ran a 6 week campaign to encourage employees to ‘think green’ and sign up to share. They introduced priority parking bays for those who carshare to work, and engaged their workforce by being flexible and demonstrating the cost and mileage savings available.

And it’s been a popular move! 79% of those who are now in the scheme were driving on their own before, which is a great aid to reducing congestion onsite. Well over 21,500 journeys will be saved within the next 12 months just to the Whitbread headquarters alone, saving employees almost £79,000 across the year in petrol costs. That’s over 323,000 miles saved and over 106 tonnes of CO2 saved – a great achievement for the company! There’s also still 188 employees driving to work with spare seats… so plenty of opportunity for others to get involved.

So, liftsharing has helped reinforce Whitbread’s CSR programme ‘Do Good’, which aims to keep the company ‘a force for good’, as well as helped employees get to work and socialise.

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Author Lex Barber


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