Could a new focus on clear air zones from the government see diesel car owners compensated?

A Conservative Transport Minister has hinted that motorists who own diesel vehicles may be compensated in future government schemes to cut back on polluting cars.

This follows news stories on Sadiq Khan’s proposed scrappage scheme for diesel vehicles, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) opening by 2020, and new car tax rates increasing on emission-heavy vehicles.

John Hayes, a Minister within the Department for Transport promised that the government would “not penalise those who are worse off”, but that they would continue to tackle air pollution with “a new vigour and determination”.

He has confirmed that outside of London’s ULEZ, other clear air zones are being designed and will “support the transition to a low emission economy”. He said:”It’s absolutely right that the Government’s clean air zone policy recognises all of the challenges that have been set out by various contributors to this debate and tackles the most polluted places knowing low-cost transport is vital to people’s opportunities and to their wellbeing.”

Mr Hayes went on: “This Government is determined to put the wellbeing and welfare and health of our people at the heart of all it does.”

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Do you drive a diesel vehicle? What do you think of such proposed ‘clean air areas’? Let us know in the comments below!




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One response to “Could a new focus on clear air zones from the government see diesel car owners compensated?

  1. Lex, Can someone please look at the real cause of this problem. Politicians have been misled by the Auto Industry in fact as the US have proved they lied and falsified the results of their own testing systems and processes.

    Like in the US all the manufacturers which have sold vehicles which do not meet the emissions levels which they have stated that they will in their marketing material and that to get those figures they caused the tests to be fraudulent then all such vehicles should have their fines/penalties paid by the Auto maker.

    All receipts should be used to develop Zero emissions H2 EVs which are affordable. Not the H2 Fuel Cell EVs which at over £50,000 have not sold to one private owner. (Not even a company executive of one of the companies with H2 in their name has conviction to buy a H2 FCEV Car ?????)

    HyPulJet.2.0 is a concept for a Hydrogen Rotary Engine-generator a low cost alternative to H2 Fuel Cells. It is being stifled of funding and has been side lined from Accelerated Development by the Advanced Propulsion Centre.
    HyPulJet.2.0 would be an easy replacement for the petrol engine generator range extender in the London Taxi Companies new e.Taxi. It would not need to have heavy expensive batteries and plug into Fossil Fuels in the Grid, in fact for no increase in cost the LTC e.Taxi could be Zero NOx, Zero CO2 and Zero particulate matter.
    CEO London Taxi Company email to me.. ” we do not intend going in that direction.” Sorry but I am telling this guy that HyPulJet.2.0 because of a new 2nd phase will power its own On Demand fuel production On Board the EV.

    Please feel free to check me out. What I am asking is that there is some clarity and that lobbyist are stopping/slowing the transition to Zero emssions EVs

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