New Sainsbury’s Bank money guides help you buy a new or used car in confidence

Liftshare is all about helping people across the UK save a great deal of money on everyday travel – be it car sharing to a place of business, carpooling with classmates to university, or simply helping drivers drastically reduce their vehicle outgoings every month. In fact, if you’re a regular commuter splitting petrol costs with a car full of people every day, you can save up to £2,000 a year on travel.

So when we heard that Sainsbury’s Bank had produced two new money-saving guides for those looking to buy a new or second-hand car, we simply had to share them with our cash-conscious community.

Whether you’re buying new or used, Sainsbury’s provides a clever checklist of all the things you should be looking at, as well as key questions you must ask yourself before making a decision. For example, when considering a second-hand vehicle, you need to ensure it’s going to be cost-effective for longer routes, and if it needs any essential work done.

There are many maintenance and repair costs you may not consider before committing to buy, but this guide gives food for thought.

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But what if you’re buying a new car? Surely there are no issues with keeping things cost-effective, or worrying about repairs with a vehicle that’s practically just off the line? Well, there are obviously fewer considerations, but simply buying a car at face value will likely lead to issues in future.

For example, if you’re buying a car that’s classed as ‘nearly-new,’ you might think there will be fewer issues to consider, but there are still insurance, breakdown cover, fuel and maintenance considerations, as well as loan repayments for those buying on finance, fuel efficiency and more. When you consider these factors, it’s clear there are more things to consider than that initial purchase.

Here’s the second of Sainsbury’s Bank’s guides, focusing purely on new cars:

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So if you’re looking to buy or trade-in for a car – either used or new – be sure to check out both guides to make sure you have considered everything you need to know. It’ll help you make an informed, efficient choice.

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Thanks to Sainsbury’s Bank for their guides.

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