Oxford Dictionary adds sharing economy and ridesharing descriptions

The terms ‘sharing economy’ and ‘ridesharing’ have been added to the Oxford Dictionaries, alongside such terms as ‘janky’ and ‘superfan’ – among others.

Liftshare started in the sharing economy space in 1998, so we were certainly at the spear-tip of the sector before the collective term was even invented. It’s taken a while, but recognition of the term is surely testament to the growing acceptance of sharing and collaborative consumption across the world.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the sharing economy as:

“An economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either for free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet.”

While ridesharing is defines as:

“To participate in an arrangement in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner, for free or for a fee, especially as arranged by means of a website or app.”

It’s a great day for sharing firms everywhere, and we can’t wait to see how the sector will continue to grow from this point onward.

You can offer or request lifts using Liftshare for free using our site or our newly-released iOS and Android apps. Not only is it cheaper than coach, taxi and rail – it’s better for the environment and more social too. Why not give it a shot?

Source: Time

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