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In 2008 it was predicted by analysts that “mobile will overtake fixed Internet access by 2014” and it has now been
confirmed that we are past the mobile tipping point. It’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile is necessary, we know it is, which is why Liftshare are pleased to announce two new developments that make using Liftshare
on your mobile simple. helping to provide an impressive reduction in CO2 emissions of 416,000 tonnes.

The responsive website
A responsive website is constructed so that all of the content, images, layout and navigation of the site rearrange for optimum viewing depending on the screen size and your viewing device; making it mobile friendly!

A responsive design has several potential benefits over a standard design:
• Increasing your scheme’s reach to tablet and mobile audiences
• Better accessibility – the site can be scaled to any size! This is perfect for users with accessibility issues
• Future proof – by having a website that looks good on multiple devices
• Can increase conversion rates – its less likely a mobile user will convert on a standard website as the user experience is not tailored to the device. As use of tablets and mobile browsers grows this becomes more important

The mobile app
Whilst responsive website designs deliver the Liftshare service in your pocket, we know that 82% of time on smartphones is spent via an app; app usage dominates browser usage across smartphones and tablets.

So we’ve been beavering away on an app for you too! The brand new Liftshare business app is chock full of functionality and it…
• Rebrands to match your scheme
• Allows members to post and seek journeys
• Allows instant messaging between members
• Includes ratings and reviews
• Includes real-time notifications
• Allows members to edit/update profiles
• Allows members to update/edit existing journeys

The app works for both Apple and Android. This initial app is designed as a general app for all clients, covering core functionality and offering a simple, easy to use, solution.

If you’d like more information, get in touch and email


Author Jonathan Scutt


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