Product showcase: Parking Permits

For years, Liftshare has been advancing it’s technologies to not only ensure that we find our members the best matches with others travelling to the same place, but also how we can help our clients monitor who is sharing a journey within their business’ car parks.

Additional to the Liftshare platform that allows businesses to operate, manage and maintain their carsharing scheme, we offer a range of products that we are continuously improving and developing:

  • Trip Authentication
  • Scoping Smart Mobility Tool
  • myPTP
  • Professional Services
  • Parking Permits

The Liftshare Parking Permits service helps to make running dedicated car share bays an automated process. Your staff have the option to download a permit for their Liftshare team from the platform which they can print and display in their vehicle.

Liftshare Parking Permits are available to all our clients and are unique to each Liftshare team that is created on the system.

So, what is displayed on the Parking Permit?

  • Member Name (of who printed the permit)
  • Liftshare Team ID
  • User ID
  • Company logo
  • Date printed
  • Our logo
  • Unique QR code

There are two options for a scheme to manage Parking Permits, these are:

  1. Allow the Liftshare Scheme Manager to be the only one to download a parking permit on behalf of their employees
  2. Allow all members of your Liftshare community to download their own permits.

If you’re allowing members of your Liftshare community to download their own permit, they can do this by logging in, forming a team by sending and accepting a ‘Request to share’ and then selecting the ‘Liftshare Teams tab’:

download permit

Once they are on the ‘Liftshare Teams tab’, they can then download their parking permit:

norfolk liftshare permit

Why could the Liftshare Parking Permits work for your carshare scheme?

  • Logo of your company is prominent on the Permit – This custom permit is great in the case of businesses who share car parks and only want THEIR staff parking in certain bays;
  • Clear layout;
  • Optional levels of management – Liftshare Scheme Managers can control permits, leave it up to the member to download them, or have the functionality for both parties to download;
  • Proof that your employees have formed a Liftshare team;
  • Assists managing the dedicated car park bays for carsharers.

Why use the Liftshare Parking Permits product?

  • Manage
    • Allocate parking permits for dedicated car share bays to members of staff who have joined a Liftshare team.
  • Monitor
    • Check whether those parked in dedicated car share bays are indeed members of a Liftshare team;
    • Track which members of staff have downloaded permits and when (coming soon!);
    • Provides full visibility remotely, viewable on the Liftshare Dashboard.
  • Incentivise
    • Allows you to run dedicated car share bays as an incentive for staff to car share;
    • Allows you to keep track of parking permit eligibility.
  • Impact
    • Save the business time and resource in producing and distributing permits, let the members download their own!
    • Being able to report accurately on usage of dedicated car share bays.

What’s coming soon for the Parking Permits product?

Log when a permit is viewed

This will be shown on the dashboard when you search for a member, and will allow the Liftshare Scheme Manager (LSM) to see whether the member or an LSM has seen the permit.

This will allow the Liftshare Scheme Manager additional monitoring, as they will be able to see whether the member has found their permit, and is just not utilising it properly.

Show community scheme questions on the Parking Permit

Liftshare has over 700 clients across the UK. Some of our clients want specific information from their members when they sign up. These questions range from employee number to vehicle registration. Some of our clients have asked for the ability to choose which question and answer appears on the parking permits, which could look like this:

jlr permit 2


Want to know more?

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Liftshare Trip Authentication Software, call us on 01603 389321 or register your interest through the below link and we can send you further information: Contact us

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