The top 10 things commuters hate about their daily journeys revealed

Ahh, the daily grind. If you’re travelling to the same place 5 days a week, and on public transport, the commute can be a bore.

A survey of 2,000 commuters (carried out by One Poll on behalf of Get Living London) has drawn up the official 10 top things people hate most about their journeys. But the good news? Liftsharing can help combat them all. And here’s how…

The Top 10 bug-bears commuters have about their daily journeys

  1. Traffic jams, 52%
  2. Delays to the transport network, 26%
  3. The cost, 22%
  4. The monotony of the same journey, 21%
  5. The busyness, 14%
  6. Having to stand up because there are no spare seats, 12%
  7. People talking loudly on the phone, 12%
  8. Fellow travellers with bad personal hygiene, 12%
  9. ‘Being packed in like sardines’, 11%
  10. Queuing, 10%

So, where does liftsharing come in?

Traffic jams is an easy one. If more people share rather than take their own cars, there’ll be less congestion on the roads. Delays work in the same way – and of course, if in a car, you’ll miss out on any late-running buses or trains! Cost is cut for both drivers and passengers, as petrol contributions are cheaper than public transport tickets, and it’s money toward the journey that the driver wouldn’t otherwise have had.

There’s no monotony when there’s 2 or more of you, as the conversation will be flowing. (We’ve even had liftsharers start a Biscuit Club.. and that would definitely keep you occupied!) As for busyness, being a ‘sardine’, and having to stand, well, you’ve booked a seat, and there’s no standing in a Ford Escort (other cars are available).

Of course, we can’t guarantee that your liftsharer won’t talk loudly on the phone, but it’s unlikely when you’ll be talking between yourselves. We also can’t guarantee the anti-perspirant usage of your sharer, but there’s no reason to get sweaty when you’re not packed in with lots of other commuters.

And finally, queuing. If there’s a full car, you may have to wait a few seconds for others to get in, but there’ll be no getting to the front of the queue and discovering there’s no room left.

Sound like things could be considerably easier for you grabbing a lift? See who’s going your way now on!

Photo credit: Wikimedia
Survey source: Carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Get Living London.

Author Lex Barber


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