UK affected by biggest increase in petrol prices in the last 18 years

Splashed all over today’s news is the costly information that petrol prices are on the rise… again! The RAC says this is the biggest increase in the last 18 years – going up by 6p per litre in May alone.

We know that for many, there is little alternative to driving, which means many will feel the pinch – This is where Liftshare can help!

Liftshare can save you pennies spent on fuel and parking by sharing the costs and reduce the wear and tear on your car if you share driving each week. On average, our members save £1000 per year through sharing!


Liftshare’s Marketing and Membership Manager, Laura Watling, spoke to Janet Kipling on BBC radio Devon earlier today to discuss.

Laura highlighted that you can gain so much more than saving money by Liftsharing, including access to work, friendship, better roads and improved air quality. All you need to do is join our 600,000 members across the UK, and give Liftshare a go!

Janet Kipling spoke to several people throughout the show to discuss what we can do to combat the rise in fuel prices and how we’re affected. Here are some of the highlights from the experts on what you can do to try to steady the costs you spend on your fuel:

  • Switch your engine off when you’re stuck in traffic;
  • Don’t break too hard;
  • Don’t press too heavily on the accelerator;
  • Don’t rev up the engine and change gear forcefully.

This combined with Liftsharing could save you a great deal!

The episode is available to catch up on, here.

Have the increased fuel prices affected you and what will you be doing to combat the rise? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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